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NEWS FLASH: We regret to inform you that we will be discontinueing the Berry Blast, BUT we are excited to have a NEW FLAVOR coming soon.  We are test running it now and will look to unveil it in the next few weeks.  We are so excited to see what everyone thinks!  

You Can now find Proscotti in 40 new businesses
from Paso to Isle Vista:

Eagle Energy- Paso Obsidian Crossfit- Grover
Ravine Waterpark- Paso California Fresh Market- Pismo
Kennedy Fitness- Paso Mustang Waterpark- AG
Brew It Coffee- Atas Coffee Express- AG
Malibu Brew Coffee- Atas JJ's Market- AG
Porch Cafe- Santa Marg Willow Market- Nipomo
Bottle Liquor- Morro Bay Vitamin and Herb Health- Nip Coffee Cottage- Morro Bay Old Town Market- Orcutt
Valley Liquor- Los Osos Far Western Liquor- Orcutt
Coastal Peaks Coffee- SLO Old Town Liquora and Deli- Orcutt
Kennedy Fitness- SLO Vitamin and Herb Health- Orcutt
Wally's Bike Shop- SLO Los Olivos Grocery- Los Olivos
GH Sports- SLO Valley Grind- Santa Ynez
Avila Valley Barn- Avila New Frontiers- Solvang
Avila Grocery- Avila Mi Amor Cafe- Buellton
Hula Hut- Avila Caje- Isle Vista


How it all started

Proscotti is the creation of Ken and Judy Riener of San Luis Obispo, CA. For years, they were discouraged by the lack of healthy baked products that could be eaten with morning coffee, or used as a snack during the day either at home or on the go. The only other alternative was protein or energy bars, but most them are pressed or extruded, made with soy protein powder, and flavored with chocolate and peanuts to mask the poor taste.

So Ken got to work. He baked the first batch of Proscotti in their kitchen in early 2009. They were so pleased with the result that they found a commercial bakery to produce it for them on a larger scale.

Ken and Judy quickly partnered with Edna's Bakery in San Luis Obispo. Not only does Edna's have a great reputation for quality baked goods among local restaurants and coffee shops, but they also produce packaged products for clients such as Amtrak.

Now, Proscotti is going strong, with more and more retail locations selling its products to happy customers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide delicious and healthy alternative snacks to your everyday baked goods. Proscotti baked treats are perfect for active, health-conscious people who are looking for protein-rich, gluten-free, low-fat and low-calorie baked goods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and other important micronutrients. And they taste good because they are made with natural ingredients that are good for you.

Our biscotti and other baked goods are healthy, tasty breakfast accompaniments to a morning cup of coffee or as a grab-and-go snack for an outdoor excursion.

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